Category Component Idea Potential Partners
Anti-poaching / Law enforcement Container scanning service supported by sniffer dogs at the Dar es Salaam port. Warrior Security? / Ports Authority
Anti-poaching / Law enforcementA Acoustic sensor network deployed in a NP which sends data to a computer running algorithms that triangulate the position of gunfire. GPS coordinates (+/-30m) of the location where shots were fired are sent immediately to appropriate enforcement authority. Shot-spotter Technology Inc. (?) (SST Inc.) / TANAPA
Anti-poaching / Law enforcement Free anti-poaching telephone hotline with rewards for tips that lead to prosecutions. Mobile Phone Companies / Anti-poaching Task force (CSR Project)
Anti-poaching / Law enforcement Motivational program for rangers and/or private sector employees with rewards that include financial and/ or official and public recognition of excellence, commitment and bravery in the performance of their duties. May include support (schooling?) for families of rangers who are killed in the line of duty. Various Corporate CSR programmes /TANAPA
Awareness raising / Education TPSF Member Associations are mobilized to sign a charter declaring their opposition to poaching. Relevant associations e.g. Hauliers, Bus and Airline Associations
Awareness raising / Education Transporter Associations participate in a project to sensitize and to train their member’s staff to ensure that ivory, rhino horn and other wildlife derivatives are not transported via their services. Relevant associations e.g. Hauliers, Bus and Airline Associations (CSR project?)
Community Economic Development Sustainable Beef Production: Pastoralists in areas adjacent to a national park are provided with links to significant local and international markets and supported to develop sustainable commercial beef production in return for agreement to stay out of park and out of agricultural zones. i.e. Negotiated / Agreed stocking levels, geographical areas and number of cattle herders. Program to raise beef quality and productivity. Potentially including activities to eco-label and market a portion of the production as “Elephant friendly?” to earn a price premium and to gain access to new markets. Based on a system whereby villagers who are farmers grow cattle fodder (e.g. alfalfa) for sale to pastoralists, thereby spreading the benefits through the wider community and potentially reducing conflicts. PSAPI is in discussion with interested parties
Community Economic Development (Tourism) Community based tourism; Development of camping grounds with simple restaurant and peripheral cultural tourism products. Additional spinoff economic activities such as producing and supplying food item to the tourism project. Local Communities / Relevant interested tour operators.
Anti-poaching / Law enforcement Private software developers customize the Anti-Poaching task force data base to integrate it with those of the Protection Authority, Customs etc.
Anti-poaching / Law enforcement Commercial Service based upon the use of a predictive software system currently in use in SA which combines information on wildlife movements and poaching events from the (improved and integrated see above) anti-poaching database with detailed topographical maps to predict probable locations and timing of poaching events to guide law enforcement activities. (claims of greater than 90% accuracy in predictions)