Poaching In Africa”

The present wildlife poaching crises is driven by global trends and transmitted through organized crime to communities surrounding African parks and reserves.
Law enforcement and protection entities are in development and struggling to deliver a deterrent. Time is running out and innovaton is needed.
Meanwhile wildlife is in danger and Elephants and Rhinos, iconic species, are on the brink of extinction.

“A Tanzanian Solution”

Tanzania has put in place a National Anti Poaching Strategy that synchs with international actors. Within that framework and supported by a stakeholder Public Private Partnership Bathawk Recon will deploy a UAV anti poaching surveillance service.
This is a private sector initiative focused on delivering an effective timely deterrent in a manner that will empower and enthuse existing ranger services.

Proof of Concept

Acquisition of Super Bat DA-50, coverage of ALL costs, Training, 6mo deployment of full Pod capacity, Ranger liaison. Proof of >2500km2 Protected Area

Mkomazi UAV Trial—VIABLE

Bathawk Recon has developed a surveillance concept to cover the huge tracts that make up Tanzania’s, and Africa’s, protected areas. The idea is to put in place a replicable model that can be rolled out over multiple parks and reserves, training African operators and delivering both to law enforcement and local communities.

To achieve this the right aircraft, and sensing capability, is required. Bathawk has recently returned from testing its third potential machine, the Super Bat DA-50 at Mkomazi National Park. This is the right aircraft for the job with EO and IR sensing capabilities that fulfill the scale implied by Bathawk’s “Big Ground” concept.

Delivering on Proof of Concept

The implication of this phase of the Bathawk plan is significant and will poise it for Africa wide application of the only true UAV AP Surveillance Service designed to address the scale of the problem. Three funding options are shown below.


ESO is a non profit set up to promote the UAV anti poaching concept. ESO will develop content and provide advocacy and research to support the innovation.
ESO is also a shareholder of Bathawk and will recycle profit into affected communities. It is represented on the board.

Contacts and Links:

www.bat-hawkrecon.com                   www.elephantsurvival.or.tz
info@bat-hawkrecon.com                   info@elephantsurvival.or.tz