Component Development

Incubation Platform: PSAPI will identify Private Sector Services and Non Profit Concepts important to the Anti Poaching agenda and support their development and realization. The stakeholder table will discuss and agree on the appropriate projects or “components” to be incubated. The wide cross section of input will enable PSAPI to both effectively direct the component in the right direction for start up, and judge the importance of the service or concept in the bigger strategic picture.
Management: PSAPI management will help the component projects through access to government and expertise from the TPSF’s extensive network of connections.
Support: Management will also help develop new components and seek support for them. This will require some budgetary support. The short term establishment funding will be separate from direct support funding as described below in Ramp up and Phase two.
UAV operations have started plus two other immediate possibilities.

UAV Anti Poaching: PSAPI’s first component is Bathawk Recon a UAV Anti Poaching Surveillance Service. This initiative has been widely reported in the press in Tanzania and oversees. Bathawk is setting up its “Proof of Concept” operation in which it will deploy the full service to the bush for 6 months. The operation is being funded by Elephant Survival Organization. Between them these two organizations believe they have a sector leading concept that will alter Wildlife Surveillance across Africa.

Pastoralist Communities: There is wide agreement amongst development practitioners that populations surrounding protected areas need to be part of the solution. PSAPI is working on a component that would market meat raised by pastoralist communities within a structure supportive of better relations with protected areas.
Poaching Education: PSAPI is also negotiating to produce a pilot for a TV show to be played on local television. This would be a current affairs style show by formulated to inform Tanzanians and allow all to see the detrimental effect of poaching.