Elephant Survival Organization (ESO) is a Tanzanian registered Company Limited by Guarantee, which is a non-profit or NGO. It has been set up with specific goals and activities in mind. To date, ESO’s activities have been preparatory. The UAV Anti Poaching concept is an innovation. Innovation requires the technology to be appropriate and the institutional relationships to be workable.


To see Tanzanian Wildlife free from the threat of poaching within a decade.


To promote the UAV based Anti Poaching Model through research, innovation, communication and the focused application of resources.


ESO’s most critical goal is the wildlife that will be preserved through its work and action. However, this overriding goal can be broken down into the elements that will achieve the Mission.

  • Support Bathawk in the development of an effective Concept of Operations
  • Link the UAV operational capability effectively to Tanzanian institutions and NGO fund raising opportunities.
  • Design and manage a non-profit compliant with international norms and capable of effectively partnering with the appropriate institutions and entities worldwide.
  • Support through partnerships and projects research that brings a greater understanding of wildlife, wildlife human interaction, wildlife surveillance, wildlife traffic and wildlife data.
  • Develop and communicate an effective anti poaching message to a worldwide audience.


Structure and Start-Up

Up until now, ESO has been creating the basic Tanzanian relationships, including with the National Parks, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, The Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority, the Tanzanian Peoples Defense Forces and others. Most importantly here is a partnership with the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation which establishes an official link to the authorities.

ESO is involved in creating and formalizing these relationships. The structure of the anti poaching capability has an operating element – Bathawk Recon- a Tanzanian limited liability company which will actually fly the UAV surveillance sorties.  Three trials managed by Bathawk and supported by ESO have been carried out and a viable aircraft and concept identified. The next step in this process is the Proof of Concept exercise which is a six month fully operational deployment to the Tarangire National Park. This exercise represents the UAV concept and ESO’s “Start up”. It will be the first time all the activities will be in place to generate both the operational success and the required profile.


  1. Fundraising: ESO will reach out to High Net Worth Individuals and relevant foundations seeking support for the UAV anti poaching surveillance model. It will also undertake a wide ranging campaign, targeting general donations, and possibly crowd funding, based on D. below.
  2. Contracting: ESO will acquire appropriate UAV aircraft and contract Bathawk Recon to operate its UAV anti poaching surveillance capabilities in the agreed contracted areas. ESO will provide monitoring and evaluation of the contracts to ensure full value.
  3. Protected Areas: ESO will open dialogue with protection authorities to identify appropriate areas for the deployment of the UAV surveillance services and develop agreements with the protection authorities to implement and deploy the service.
  4. Reporting: ESO will put videographers, and an in house reporting capability, into the field with the deployed operational teams to capture content to use online. This content will be developed and published with a view to monetizing the anti poaching efforts.
  5. Community Development: Both authorities and wildlife experts agree that communities in, or near, wildlife rich areas need to benefit from their proximity. ESO will participate in programs that support community development and generate a positive spiral.
  6. Research: The UAV anti poaching surveillance service will produce large volumes of data. Undoubtedly this data will provide many research opportunities. In the shorter term during Proof of Concept ESO will establish the collection and storage protocols.


Global Reach

Elephant Survival Organization is a Tanzanian based entity. The Vision, Mission, Goals and Activities of ESO are intended to reach out to the developed world, indeed the global community. ESO has created a relationship with the King Baudouin Foundation’s American Friends Funds to facilitate the initial stages. Elephant Survival Organization will support its collaborators in the United States and the United Kingdom to establish local non-profits.