PSAPI Concept

The TPSF established PSAPI with the core directive that its principal function is to facilitate the private sector to identify, develop, and implement targeted responses to wildlife crime. Its guiding principle is that where the private sector can do it faster, better or cheaper or where it can plug gaps in existing wildlife crime defenses the PSAPI will be there, helping to ensure the response is appropriate and acting as an incubator to support and guide the initiative until it is operating smoothly.

Firstly PSAPI aims to facilitate private sector entities to develop and deploy commercial services that support conservation and anti-poaching objectives as well as to elicit the private sectors support whether moral, practical or financial for anti-poaching efforts.

The second function of the PSAPI is to represent the private sector in discourses with the GoT and international agencies. The TPSF has the general mandate to be the voice of the private sector in policy discussions and in strategy development and continues that role through the PSAPI in the area of wildlife and natural resource management.

Thirdly as an inclusive stakeholder platform the PSAPI functions to facilitate a more coordinated response to the wildlife crime by providing a forum for the government and all other actors to tome together to share information, experiences and ideas and to determine how best the private sector intervenes. PSAPI’s does not presume to have a right to issue directives of any kind to any organization involved in anti-poaching/trafficking so it functions to coordinate anti-poaching efforts by ensuring that the private sectors contributions are appropriate and that all stakeholders are aware of and have approved the intervention. In addition the nature of the PSAPI by bringing the stakeholders together to elicit their input will have a spin off benefits of increased awareness, better sharing of information and experiences, all of which are aspects of improved coordination.

Vision – A Tanzania where wildlife populations and their habitats are protected by the combined efforts of the public and private sectors allowing them to thrive and to drive a vibrant tourism sector and a strong economy.

Mission – To identify, develop, facilitate, fund, contract and coordinate private sector interventions that quickly, materially or technologically improve Tanzania’s capacity to fulfil its anti-poaching responsibilities[1], whilst representing the stakeholders in policy discussions and generally facilitating a more coordinated response to wildlife crime.